Midweek mtb 2018

Mid week mtb, is a local series which has courses on some of the hardest and fastest terrain in the state. Sport 34- is full of well skilled teens and adults, who all want the grand prize at the end of the year which can be money, season passes, etc. I had a amazing time racing this series, with super competitive people and stunning terrain and venues.

Sport Men 34-



Cycle-cross is one of the most accessible forms of bike racing. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on, doesn’t matter how competitive you are, cycle-cross provides a unique experience that is fun for everyone, even if you are just trying to make it around the course run-ups, flyovers, and of course, barriers.  P-town cross is a local series that likes challenging short lap courses that I use for training because its constant “on the gas”! I was lucky enough to claim a win in this series for high school.


This year for NICA I raced in the central region of Utah, in advanced boys.  With some of the toughest competition in the country for middle school riders. I had an amazing time along with the joy of an added win. Unfortunately I didn’t race #2 because of a stitched wound in my knee, race #3 was my first competitive race in almost 3 weeks. I manged a 3rd in a fierce competitive group, I finished the 5 mile loop in 22 minutes. I am grateful to race NICA because it leads to amazing opportunities in the mountain biking world of racing, especially in Utah, where the state has one of the largest growth rates in the country for mountain biking.

The MTB Journey Begins


This is where it all started, a crash and a few goats!

CAMERA 267007


In 2011 my mom wanted me to learn the basic skills of mountain biking. She signed me up for a local team called Young Riders. In preparation for the team we planned to ride the Rail trail in Park City, the trail was roughly 21 miles round-trip. Even though we checked the weather, a cold front moved in faster than expected, as a small 40 pound 6-year-old it was almost impossible for me to pedal in the harsh head wind but I didn’t stop. After the ride I learned the most important part of mountain biking, never give up, no matter the situation!

AGE: 14 – MARCH 4, 2005


2019 TEAMS: Summit Bike Club Advanced race team, Wasatch Highschool Mountain Bike Team

2019 RACE CLASS: Expert Men 24-, Freshman Boys


I started competing in local fun kids races in 2016 which is where I discovered my love of racing. I now compete in 4-5 series a year and have a lot of races to promote my sponsors. I am always telling people about my sponsors and how they have helped me.

I am also on the Park City Nordic team, competing in skate and classic races. I cross train in-between with cross-fit, to enhance my performance. 


My goals this year, were to challenge myself, and improve my racing. I moved up to compete in the men’s sport division, to help improve my speed and endurance. I was also invited to move up, 2 years early, and ride with the U19 riders from Summit Bike Club which will further my goals!