The MTB Journey Begins


This is where it all started, a crash and a few goats!

CAMERA 267007


In 2011 my mom wanted me to learn the basic skills of mountain biking. She signed me up for a local team called Young Riders. In preparation for the team we planned to ride the Rail trail in Park City, the trail was roughly 21 miles round-trip. Even though we checked the weather, a cold front moved in faster than expected, as a small 40 pound 6-year-old it was almost impossible for me to pedal in the harsh head wind but I didn’t stop. After the ride I learned the most important part of mountain biking, never give up, no matter the situation!

AGE: 14 – MARCH 4, 2005


2019 TEAMS: Summit Bike Club Advanced race team, Wasatch Highschool Mountain Bike Team

2019 RACE CLASS: Expert Men 24-, Freshman Boys


I started competing in local fun kids races in 2016 which is where I discovered my love of racing. I now compete in 4-5 series a year and have a lot of races to promote my sponsors. I am always telling people about my sponsors and how they have helped me.

I am also on the Park City Nordic team, competing in skate and classic races. I cross train in-between with cross-fit, to enhance my performance. 


My goals this year, were to challenge myself, and improve my racing. I moved up to compete in the men’s sport division, to help improve my speed and endurance. I was also invited to move up, 2 years early, and ride with the U19 riders from Summit Bike Club which will further my goals!


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